Sun CTU 150 Prepaid Load

Magload ng Sun Cellular with Unlimited Trinet calls (Sun, Smart & TNT) Unlimited all-net texts 500MB data.


Load your Sun Cellular with Unlimited Trinet calls (Sun, Smart & TNT) Unlimited all-net texts 500MB data valid for 7 days.
For Pinoy e-load or bills payment, it is recommended to use the web platform instead of the mobile app.

1. Choose the e-load amount and input the phone number, then press “Add to Cart”
2. On the checkout screen, complete your personal info, then press “Place Order”.
3. Go to the nearest bank/ATM in Korea and deposit the amount.
4. Wait for a confirmation message that your transaction is completed.

You may contact us though Facebook Messenger for further inquiries or e-mail us for modifications of your order.