Pinoy Store

An e-commerce platform created by a team of individuals highly dedicated to supporting the Filipinos in Korea. As an icon representative of combined convenience and culture, Pinoy Store is more than just your neighborhood sari-sari store. We promote a more colorful version of Filipino culture while helping combat homesickness hand-in-hand with overseas Filipinos.

Bills Payment

Pay electricity, water and government bills in the Philippines.

Filipino Food

Order childhood snacks and typical commodities you see in a Sari-Sari store, delivered to your doorsteps.


Reload PH mobile phones, even your outside the country.

Meet The Team

Nash Ang Project Director

Amy Lee Operations Manager

Augustin Kim Korean Communication Officer

Ella Guevarra Marketing Manager

Expansion Plans

B2C Model

Focuses on the promotion of the online platform, which offers Filipino food, e-load and bills payment.

B2B Model

To create a network of Filipino stores in Korea and offer wholesale Filipino products and to supply bills payment and e-loading services.

“Pinoy Store” Brand

To create our own brand of Filipino products to be exported and distributed overseas.

Global Expansion

Once successful in Korea, Pinoy Store will be launched in neighboring countries such as Japan and United States. 

Help Us Achieve Social Inclusion Through Cultural Awareness